Black Bean Fudge Brownies

image2 (2).JPGIf you read about all of the benefits of beans in my last post, you have probably found a reason to eat more of them. But what if you really don’t like the taste of beans? Here’s a recipe you can make that has beans but tastes nothing like them. No one will ever know 😉 And of course, they’re healthy. I’ll be the first to admit that this feature won’t go completely undetected- they won’t taste like they came from a patisserie. The texture is amazingly dense and fudge-y (hence the name), however they’re a lot lighter without the oil, and not overly sweet- just sweet enough to be considered a dessert. 

This recipe is great for anyone trying to lower their cholesterol. As well as the beans, the oats and chia and flax seeds contain properties that prevent absorption of the bad LDL cholesterol in the body. They’re also high in fibre so are a satiating snack that will keep your bowels happy too!

Black Bean Fudge Brownies

Prep time: 10 minutes

Baking time: 30-35 minutes

  • ½ cup walnuts* + extra for topping
  • ½ cup oats
  • 1 x 400g can black beans, drained and rinsed
  • ½ cup cocoa powder + extra for dusting
  • 1 ¾ cup pitted dates
  • 1/3 cup maple syrup
  • ½ cup unsweetened apple sauce
  • 1 tbs chia or ground flax seeds
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • ½ cup water
  1. Preheat oven to 180C. Line a pan or tin with baking paper.
  2. Place the walnuts into a food processor and process on high speed until completely ground. Add in the oats and repeat the process until everything is a fine consistency.
  3. Add in the remaining ingredients and process on high speed until it becomes a smooth puree and everything is incorporated.
  4. Empty the food processor contents into the lined pan. Add a few walnuts on top of the batter if desired. Bake for approximately 25 minutes or until the top surface hardens slightly but it is still gooey inside. Allow to cool completely (it will firm up a bit) sprinkle with extra cocoa powder if desired, then cut into squares.

 *Note: For a ‘nutella’ taste opt for hazelnuts over walnuts.

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